Welcome to MHBS Panther Food Services

Welcome to MHBS Panther Food ServicesWelcome to MHBS Panther Food Services





You  use cash by dropping by our cafeteria during business hours. You can also enclose  the cash in a sealed envelope with your students name and unique pin number for their account. 

For our younger students they can give these to their homeroom teachers. For our Middle and High School students they can bring the cash directly to a cashier during their lunch of snack period.



You can send paymen by check  the same as cash and in addition you can mail it to us. To mail it send it to:

MHBS Food Services

698 Cox Creek Parkway

Florence , AL 



PayForIt makes it easier and more convenient fr parents to manage and monitor school payments. They can know immediately their own student(s) balances.

 The PayForIt parent portal can be accessed via desktop or mobile apps for iOS and Android. This means parents can check accounts, add funds, and pay fees anytime, from anywhere. 

PayForIt allows parents to:


  • Pay for school lunch and activity fees quickly, easily, and securely online
  • Easily check their child’s account balance online
  • Manage multiple student accounts from a single portal – even if those students attend different schools
  • Receive email notifications of low balances
  • Make partial fee payments
  • Set accounts to automatically replenish as needed
  • Review a student’s purchase history for the past 30 days
  • Easily manage school payment accounts from desktop or mobile


How to sign up:

log on to 


 and select the "Register" option on the bottom left of sign in box. 

The screens will go to a fill in form. Once you have completed it, hit submit. You will then be sent an email with all directions to complete registration process.

 PaySchools.com allows you to fund your student's account safely and easily online. For more information about PaySchools.com, please visit PaySchools.com. And for further ease of access to your account, be sure to pick up the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.

 Questions? Contact support at (800) 669-0792 Option 1 or by email at support@payschools.com.  

How to Get HELP

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Help: Within the "Help" menu option, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a Contact Us feature are available to you. These areas are addressed directly  by the PFI Help Support Staff at QSP to assist users of the system.